Kevinian Mentoring Program

The St Kevin’s Old Collegians Association has established a mentoring program. The program has three objectives:

  • To further promote a Kevinian Community by promoting all Kevinians – younger and older, to connect as well as network, using their shared experiences, having attended St Kevin’s College
  • To enable Kevinians to further their careers through participation as a mentee, gaining from the exposure to a mentor in a relevant field; and
  • To provide an opportunity for older Kevinians to obtain experience as a mentor and contribute to the career planning of a younger member.

The focus of the program is on career related issues but is not an employment agency or a professional career guidance service.

Registering as a mentor

We encourage Kevinians to share their experience and insights with younger Kevinians who are beginning their professional careers.

We are currently seeking mentors - please register by completing a registration online.

We will only display descriptive information about our mentors on the website - your name and contact details will not be shown.  You will have the discretion to accept or decline any applications by potential mentees.  

It is recommended that mentors are prepared to commit to one hour every 3 months to the program.  Please refer to the mentor guidelines for further information. View mentor guidelines.

Registering as a mentee

The role of the St Kevin’s Old Collegians Association is to provide a facility for mentees to approach individuals who appear to be suitable mentors.  You can search by industry and review the list of mentors.  Mentees can make contact with particular mentor of interest directly through the website. If there is no suitable mentor in your preferred field please let us know.

Please refer to the mentee guidelines for further information. View mentee guidelines.

You should recognise that the proposed mentors are not career management professionals.  They should not be your exclusive source of career related advice.  Further, the St Kevin’s Old Collegians Association does not assume any responsibility in relation to information provided within the mentor/mentee relationship. By registering as a mentee you acknowledge and accept the conditions listed above.


Let us know how you get on or if you have any feedback/suggestions.

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